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Accurate Diagnosis is key to solving suspension and ride control problems.

Here are some common problems:

  • Restoration to manufactures original specifications and ride height
  • Squeaky springs or bushings
  • Correct arch of spring and proper attaching parts (shackles, hangars, etc)
  • Sagging front or rear end from “fatigued” springs
  • Rough ride or bulking sensation caused by overload rebound
  • Uneven tire wear, front end vibration, and poor steering, caused by work shocks, unbalanced loads, worn steering components, or out of alignment
  • “Spring Wrap” when starting or stopping (a knocking noise in the axle)
  • Poor steering and front end vibration

There are many problem related to steering and suspension, see your suspension specialist for a proper diagnosis and the right solution to your suspension problem.

Since 1919, the Triangle name has been synonymous with steel leaf springs. Triangle’s strength lies in unparalleled manufacturing and distribution of product to its base of over 500 customers including aftermarket and niche OEM partners. Triangle products are known for quality and value through industry respected brand names such as Triangle Springs & Flagg Suspension Parts.
History shows that great innovations stand the test of time. Over the years, Monroe has been committed to product quality, customer satisfaction and new product technology. This commitment is a tradition that dates back to the early 1900′s when small improvements were done on a simple tire pump.

World-Class engineering and quality have made KYB the original equipment shocks for Lexus, Toyota, Saturn, Infiniti, Chrysler, and Ford. Whether you’re replacing worn shocks or looking for a high performance ride upgrade, KYB Gas Shocks deliver superior handling, comfort, and control.

For over 50 years HELLWIG PRODUCTS COMPANY has been involved in the manufacture of after-market suspension products, original equipment suspension products, farm equipment, and specialty application products.
Flagg Suspension Products is an industry leader in undercarriage replacement parts trusted by many service professionals. Flagg manufacturers replacement shackles, hangers, bushings, bolts, coil springs, u-bolts, and pins for Utility Trailers, Cars, Trucks, and Motor Homes. Please contact our sales department for information on replacement parts for your vehicle.

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